Manned Guarding

Code 3 Security offer a first-class site security guarding service which incorporates regular perimeter patrols, emergency procedures, incident reporting and more.

Almost all construction site projects are at risk of vandalism, theft or damage. Without expert security guards, sites can fall victim to repeated targeting from youths and criminal gangs. Many insurance companies even refuse to insure sites with no out-of-hours manned security. Which is where we come in.

All our security guards are fully SIA licensed, of smart attire and highly experienced. Our crime prevention specialists undertake a site specific survey liaising with site management before starting each project. Patrol routes, site risks, perimeter boundaries and hot spots are identified and assessed in the risk assessment and a specific security operation is proposed and agreed.

On Arrival

Construction Site Security

Construction Site Security – SiteCam

WHAT IS SITECAM? SiteCam is a wireless intruder alarm system with integrated video verification. Upon activation of the PIR a video clip is sent to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) who can generate an urgent response to a genuine crime in progress and discount costly false alarms. We have indoor and outdoor PIR cameras with day/night visibility, and the SiteCam is completely wire free. Battery life for all devices, including the control panel, is up to 4 years. A variety of control panels is available for single (GPRS) or dual path communication (GPRS/IP) back to the ARC.The system provides an added value offering for commercial and residential applications, and a solution for sites where there is no mains power, e.g. temporary sites, void properties, construction sites, and general outdoor applications.


SITECAM battery powered cameras act as remote sentries that can be located anywhere, providing … Continue reading Construction Site Security – SiteCam

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CCTV Installation

Code 3 Security specialise in expert CCTV installation. We will design, supply, install and maintain cutting-edge CCTV systems for your home or business, including the latest Network cameras (or IP cameras).

CCTV systems have proved to be one of the most important weapons in improving security, safety and deterring crimes such as shoplifting, robbery and internal theft/shrinkage.

Criminals tend to have an aversion to appearing on video footage which can later be used as evidence!

Whether it is a single video entry phone or a sophisticated multi-camera system we will install a system that suits your exact requirements. The picture can be recorded on a digital DVR Unit and displayed on a dedicated monitor, your PC screen or even your mobile phone.

Visible presence of a camera can be enough to deter unwelcome visitors and activities. We can also set up covert cameras where more discreet monitoring is … Continue reading CCTV Installation

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Alarm Installation

Intruder and Security Alarm Systems

One of the worst experiences you can have is arriving at your place of work or home to find you have been burgled. Apart from the obvious sinking feeling you get, you also have to deal with the disruption to your business.

Save on Business Disruption and Loss

A way to help protect you against this risk is to install a professional intruder alarm system. An intruder alarm will give you the peace of mind that your building is protected, most intruders will not attempt a break in on the realisation that a professional intruder alarm is in place.

Add to this remote monitoring of your system and you are pretty much guaranteeing a response to your alarm by the Police, Guarding Company or third party.

Intruder Alarm Specialists

Code 3 Security is a specialist in the intruder alarms market and we cover … Continue reading Alarm Installation

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Mobile Patrol

Code 3 Security’s Mobile Patrol security service provides a convenient and cost-effective alternative where a continuous manned guarding presence is not required. Our well-equipped response units will make random mobile security patrols of your premises (whether business or residential), throughout the night and at weekends, ensuring the secure closure of all external doors, gates and windows.

The surrounding areas will also be patrolled and observed for any unusual presences and suspicious activity, so you can sleep soundly in the knowledge that you’re protected.

How we work

When you engage our mobile security services, we will carry out different visits at random times so as not to develop a predictable pattern. We will report on the security of your premises and property as required.

To further enhance the security of your premises, our team will also provide and erect prominent warning notices. These act as a … Continue reading Mobile Patrol

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Key Holding

Key holding Services, in a professional sense, is the act of keeping a spare key to a residential or commercial premise for use in case the primary key is lost or stolen. Code 3 Security Key holding likes to take this one step further by providing additional services such as rapid response to:

  • Burglar and Intruder Alarm Activations
  • Access to tradesmen or contractors
  • Gas leaks, floods and power cuts
  • Void property inspections
  • Lock up and unlocking of property
  • and many more…

Our personal approach to the services we provide enables us to take on the role of a trusted friend protecting your property – a friend who is fully vetted, comprehensively trained, properly equipped and always available.


  • We conduct a brief survey of your home or commercial property to familiarise ourselves with the layout and your alarm system as well as to determine entry procedures and operational guidelines for our attending Key Guards.
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