Great for construction / building site security and other applications, SiteCam is a wireless intruder alarm system with integrated video verification. Upon activation of the PIR a video clip is sent to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) who can generate an urgent response to a genuine crime in progress and discount costly false alarms. We have indoor and outdoor PIR cameras with day/night visibility, and the SiteCam is completely wire free. Battery life for all devices, including the control panel, is up to 4 years. A variety of control panels is available for single (GPRS) or dual path communication (GPRS/IP) back to the ARC.The system provides an added value offering for commercial and residential applications, and a solution for sites where there is no mains power, e.g. temporary sites, void properties, construction sites, and general outdoor applications.


SITECAM battery powered cameras act as remote sentries that can be located anywhere, providing instant 10 second video alerts of intrusions to our monitoring centre. Once our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) is alerted an urgent response can be initiated to one of our rapid response teams for any genuine crime in progress. Costly false alarms can be ignored.

Thanks to its totally wireless capabilities SITECAM all weather system can be installed anywhere, inside or out and can be moved around as the situation demands. Removing the need for manned guards makes it one of the most cost effective security systems on the market …Saving you money!

One SITECAM system can incorporate a maximum of 24 alarm components including indoor and outdoor (PIR) cameras, 105db sirens with strobes, key fob readers etc. Each device including panel is powered by lithium batteries with up to 4 years operating capacity. No AC required! The system transmits through GPRS cellular communications. No phone lines needed!

Port Security


Construction Site Security



Cell Towers

Building Security


Recycling Security


Agricultural Security


Car park Security

Vehicle Lots

Facility Security

Remote Facilities




SiteCam delivers faster police response to an actual crime because the human operators filter out false alarms. SiteCam systems provide responsive security to a large variety of construction, commercial, industrial and residential sites.

  • Monitored Video Verification delivers greatest protection
  • Wireless Installation keeps costs down
  • Remote smartphone arming/disarming available


As a wireless, cordless, and weatherproof security system, SiteCam has proven to be an excellent candidate for a large variety of outdoor & indoor applications. Sitecam offers faster-than-ever video alarm transmission. Our Look-in capability and smartphone app management allows us to prioritise a response for a verified video alarm.

Standalone complete burglar alarm system for new installations
Upgrade Kit to enhance existing traditional burglar alarm
Extra protection for high value assets


Construction Site Security Camera

The perfect solution for construction / building sites with alarms and video clips can be received by the monitoring centre and other designated persons via a smartphone or other Internet enabled device. Genuine alarms can be quickly notified to the appropriate authorities and false alarms can be ignored.

With SiteCam, end-users can:

  • Video verify : actual intrusion?
  • Save time : no need to move when it’s a false alarm
  • Immediately call police when there is an intrusion
  • Use a wide range of products for varied applications

To ensure effective protection, SiteCam products are always installed by security professionals. Even with Self Monitoring, an alarm installer will install and program SiteCam products.


Retail Security


Business / Office Security


Warehouse Security


Home Security

Vacant Properties

False alarm fines can be a huge expense and impact the bottom-line. SiteCam is a great way to help eliminate fines and provide greater protection to the business. SiteCam systems can be installed as a cost-effective add-on to an existing alarm system. In addition to the front doors, loading docks and warehouse, SiteCam can be used in non-traditional places like outdoor storage.

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