Code 3 Security provide long and short term Manned Guarding. Our staff are professionally trained experts who are well prepared to handle all your security needs. All Code 3 Security guards are SIA approved, so are able to give complete confidence to our clients whether securing construction sites, warehouses, corporate offices, retail outlets or private homes.


Code 3 Security Rapid Response Teams are ready to respond 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This removes the need for your own staff to be on call. Our local security officers can respond and react to false alarms as well as genuine breaches of security. This removes the expensive police call out charges for false security issues.


Code 3 Security Security will act as your primary Key Holder and respond to any alarm activation to secure your premises, on your behalf. This will eliminate the inconvenience of you responding to a false alarm and also assist you in exercising your duty of care to your employees by removing the physical threat as a result of a genuine activation. This is in accordance with regulation BS7984.


Code 3 Security installs CCTV systems which can be highly technical commercial or simple domestic systems, overt or covert. Recorders are now fully digital and record real time images with cameras offering day and night coverage. Systems can be linked to an alarm to provide visual verification. They can be viewed live 24 hours a day 365 days a year via the internet or using a mobile network anywhere in the world.


Code 3 Security can design and install Intruder Alarms to satisfy any requirements to protect either your business or your home. Our systems are to the highest standards and are installed by our SSAIB approved technicians. The SSAIB is recognised by insurance companies and the police.


Code 3 Security can secure your premises with Palisade Fencing. This offers a higher level of security and is popular on industrial sites and schools due to its high damage resistance and the fact that it is extremely difficult to scale.


Code 3 Security can also detail bespoke Hoarding to enclose your construction site or premises. This offers perimeter protection and covers your safety and security requirements.


Code 3 Security work together with all the leading manufacturers of Security Barriers and gates for car parks and commercial premises. Our teams take pride in offering services to the highest standard. Working with CODE3SECURITY gives you access to some of the most experienced people in the security industry.


Our Code 3 Security Mobile Patrol can offer you an efficient, cost effective means of security. They are a suitable alternative when static guarding is impractical or too expensive. We will provide regular inspections of your property in line with your security specifications.


At Code 3 Security we provide comprehensive Film Location security services within the film and television industry. Our qualified and experienced film location security guards will take a proactive approach to securing your set and protecting both property and personnel.