CCTV Installation in Slough, London and Home Counties

CODE3SECURITY specialise in expert CCTV installation in Slough. We will design, supply, install and maintain cutting-edge CCTV systems for your home or business, including the latest Network cameras (or IP cameras).

CCTV systems have proved to be one of the most important weapons in improving security, safety and deterring crimes such as shoplifting, robbery and internal theft/shrinkage.

CCTV Installation  in SloughCriminals tend to have an aversion to appearing on video footage which can later be used as evidence!

Whether it is a single video entry phone or a sophisticated multi-camera system we will install a system that suits your exact requirements. The picture can be recorded on a digital DVR Unit and displayed on a dedicated monitor, your PC screen or even your mobile phone.

Visible presence of a camera can be enough to deter unwelcome visitors and activities. We can also set up covert cameras where more discreet monitoring is required.

Most importantly, the systems that we install makes it very easy to extend your CCTV set-up at a later date and integrate it with alarm and access control systems.

Bespoke CCTV Installation in Slough

  • We can provide a range of CCTV Installation solutions from state of the art hi-res camera set ups for video surveillance to DIY CCTV kits with minimal installation.
  • We have a team of highly trained and experienced engineers to install your CCTV systems to the highest standard and specifications.
  • For commercial or domestic uses, we offer tailor-made packages to suit any requirements ranging from a single camera to more complex hi-tech video security units including remote monitoring via the internet.
  • Along with a complete CCTV installation in Slough, we provide monitoring services, supply and surveillance service backed up by our 24/7 response units.
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